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SMS Quiz

Participate in an SMS quiz to be held from December 15th till 24th and get a HP Notebook as a gift.



how to participate?

To participate in the quiz, send the keyword Play to 1049 short number. In response you’ll get the first question of the quiz with 3 possible answer choices.


To answer the question, you’ll need to send an SMS with the answer you believe is the correct one to 1049 short number.


For example,

Where Frida Kahlo was born? 
1. Mexico

2. America
3. China


If you believe that Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico, send an SMS with number 1 to 1049 short number.



Whether the answer is correct or wrong, you’ll receive the next SMS with the answer result of the previous question (correct or wrong), the number of points and the next question.


After answering the last question of the quiz, you’ll receive an SMS with the answer result of the given question (correct or wrong) and the total number of points.


SMS Quiz will take place in Armenian (in Latin transliteration).

Questions are selected at random, from the general list of questions. For each correct answer you’ll receive 1 point and for each wrong answer – 0 point.


By the way, you can check your points at any time by sending the keyword TOP to 1049 short number.



The SMS quiz will have 1 winner, whose name will be revealed on 29.12.2017. The winner will be the participant, who is the first to answer correctly the maximum number of questions in the given period, i.e., who is the first to collect the maximum points.


SMS quiz results and winning number will be published at on 29.12.2017.


service price

Price per SMS sent to 1049 short number is 150 AMD, including VAT.


The winner of the SMS quiz will receive HP Notebook as a gift.

Find more about SMS quiz rules here.
















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