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Nikita Mobile Company was founded on June 21, 2006. It started its activities in January, 2007 and occupies a leading position in the Armenian market from the beginning till now.


SMS Charity

Since 2009, our company has been involved in many charity projects. The company has been cooperating with various charitable foundations, as well as fundraisers for individuals have been organized. Below there are the names of some charity project partners:

Armenian Red Cross Society:

2010 – Assistance to victims of the earthquake in Haiti within the framework of the charity project.

2011 – Assistance to tsunami victims in Japan within the framework of the charity project.

2014 – A fundraiser to support the victims in Kessab.

2015 - A charity program to support the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.


Hayastan All-Armenian Fund:

Amounts raised through SMS donations within the framework of the annual telethons of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund are directed to the implementation of annual strategic projects approved by the Board of Trustees. 


Projects by years:


2010 - Complex development projects for border villages in Armenia and Artsakh, particularly in water supply,

2011 –Improvement of Artsakh’s water supply,

2012 - Construction of community centers in rural areas of Artsakh,

2013 - Reconstruction of Vardenis-Martakert highway of strategic importance connecting Armenia with Artsakh,

2014 – The second stage of Vardenis-Martakert highway reconstruction,

2015- Construction of private homes for families with five or more children in Artsakh,

2016 - Restoration of the damaged settlements in Artsakh, implementation of measures aimed at the security and protection of the civilian population, as well as the construction of homes for large families in Artsakh.


Other companies:


2009-2010 - Charity projects together with Foundation of the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets Armenia (FPWC) were implemented. The amounts raised through the projects were used in tree planting.

2011 and 2016 - Public TV Company of Armenia organized various charity projects.

2013 – The funds collected during fundraiser organized by Donate Life NGO were used to treat children with health problems.

Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin organized a series of fundraisings for implementation of charity projects.

Help the Armenian Children NGO organized a number of charitable projects to support children with different health problems.

2013- The funds raised within the charitable project organized by Armenian Mothers NGO were directed towards the treatment of vulnerable children and children with disabilities.

2013 - Classical Music Support NGO organized SMS fundraiser to support the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia.

2014 - Shant TV implemented a charitable project and the money raised during the fundraiser was used to build a Tumo center in Gyumri.

2014 – Yeraz Charitable Foundation through SMS fundraiser implemented assistance in the treatment of diabetic children.

2014 - In collaboration with Echo NGO a charity campaign was held to cover the needs of people with disabilities.

2015 - ARAGIL Reproductive Medicine Support Foundation organized a fundraiser for charitable projects.

From 2015 Armenian Pilgrim NGO in Jerusalem is carrying out actions for charity.

2015 - The funds raised during the charity marathon of Armenian Eyes organized by Armenia TV were used in assistance for needy families.

2017 - Eurasia Foundation is implementing a project the main goal of which is protection of forest ecosystems and rehabilitation of degraded forest ecosystems.


Project manager

Ani Alexanyan

010 51 20 73

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