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Tel: 010 512 888 is a universal web tool that allows bringing condominium services to a new level. You will no longer need the news and information posted on elevator and entrance walls.


The site was created to regulate the work of the condominium and the residents. By joining, every condominium will have the opportunity to create a website that will keep in touch with the residents and the residents will have their own offices on that website. The system will contribute to automation and improvement of condominium work.


The system will enable the condominium administration to:


  • Create and manage utility bills list:
  • Quickly inform about utility bills and debts,
  • Facilitate immediate contact with residents,
  • Create a service advertising platform,
  • Organize online voting,
  • Follow the residents' complaints and suggestions.


The system will give the residents the opportunity:


  • To be informed about utility bills very fast,
  • Make an online payment,
  • To be in direct contact with the condominium,
  • Discuss their concerns.

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Project supervisor

Aksel Mnatsakanyan

010 51 28 80