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Nikita Mobile offers services for preparation of informative and amusing voice portals.

"Nikita Mobile", in cooperation with the Passport and Visa Department of the Police of the Republic of Armenia has created 090007007 voice information portal allowing Armenian citizens to get the necessary and useful information on citizenship, payments, invitations of foreign citizens, acquisition of VISA and / or citizenship, passport replacement and other services.


090007007 voice portal allows citizens to be informed about their rights and obligations concerning passport services.


090001055 is a fairy-tale portal that gives parents and relatives the opportunity to present moments of fun to children. Calling at 090001055, children can listen to different fairy tales.


090007000 - "If everybody" charitable program enable to support children with different health problems. Every Friday a story of a child who needs help is presented on the Public Television of Armenia. By calling 090007000, you can donate 500 AMD for a chosen child.


By calling information portal at 090007777, people traveling to Russia can get information on how to fill out questionnaires properly.


090008888 - "Money from the Air" is an entertaining portal where people get an opportunity to participate in the quiz and win money if they answer questions correctly.


090008000 – Since 2011 the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund is organizing an annual fundraiser aiming to address various issues in Artsakh.


Project manager

Ani Alexanyan

010 51 20 73

Project supervisor

Mamikon Aghajanyan

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