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Since 2017 Nikita Mobile has been carrying out message delivery on legal grounds to the users of the Viber app.

Delivery of both texts and images are carried out. One text message can contain up to 1000 characters; the size of the image should be 400x400. If desired, a link button is also placed anywhere you wish. We can provide you with our already précised, regularly updated database which has detailed filtering with different settings (sex, age, place of residence, profession, salary, etc.).

The messages are legitimate because when the app is downloaded, users agree to receive promotional messages.

Notifications are sent to all mobile operators’ subscribers.


Our advantages:


  • Link and image placement opportunity,
  • Providing of detailed statistics,
  • Periodically updated and detailed filtered database,
  • Instant information providing,
  • Availability of the sender's official mark.


Project manager

Ofelya Azarumyan

010 51 20 73

Project supervisor

Anna Yepremyan

010 51 20 80 (7)