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Push Push

The PushPush app is a completely new type of digital advertising in Armenia that allows you managing notifications you get on your own.

Download the new PushPush app and it will always keep you up to date with the latest news from companies you are interested in. Notifications in the Application are divided into two categories: "Important" and "Advertising". By the way, the “Important” notifications will be delivered to all users so the users cannot block them. The list of marketing notifications can be selected by the user on request. A user can manage notification receiving data and time in the app.


The app allows you to:


  • Get promotional and important notifications in one place,
  • Subscribe only to notifications from companies you are interested in,
  • Manage notification receiving date and time,
  • Contact advertisers,
  • Save notifications for 30 days.


Advantages of the application:


  • It has a clear and understandable interface,
  • Works in roaming,
  • In the absence of an Internet connection, the notification is delivered via SMS,
  • It allows adding pictures, audio, video recording links in the notification,
  • Almost no notification text limit,
  • It has a strong target, the advertiser can be sure that only those people who are interested in his/her company will receive notifications,
  • Provides detailed statistics about the number of received and read notifications.


Technical supervisor of the Project

Milena Mailyan

010 51 20 75